Orphaned by Charles Piché

On a snowy winter’s night, commuter flight 527, carrying Cord McCall’s wife and three children, crashed during final approach into Denver.  Everyone onboard perished.  Life had smacked him squarely in the face … hard.

Struggling amidst a mountain of grief, Cord relocates to his hometown of Maplewood, Maine to take over the family business.  This small coastal community becomes a much needed refuge where Cord is reunited with an old childhood friend, and a new relationship begins.

One could say that Orphaned is a wonderfully orchestrated love story, but the twists and turns that follow the reading of his father’s “Last Will & Testament” uncovers a family secret that very few could have imagined.

Tragedy, Love and Mystery occupy the pages of “Orphaned”.  These ingredients, coupled with God’s love, and His amazing orchestration of events that defy understanding, makes “Orphaned” the most anticipated publication of the year.